Why Choose SPAIRE Hip Replacement: My Expert Approach to Morden Hip Replacement Q&A

Why Choose SPAIRE Hip Replacement: My Expert Approach to Morden Hip Replacement Q&A

Q&A with Prof Lee on SPAIRE

In the progressive arena of orthopaedic surgery, the SPAIRE (Spare Piriformis And Internus, Repair Externus) Hip Replacement technique emerges as a noteworthy innovation aimed at enhancing patient outcomes. I, am a dedicated advocate of this modern technique due to its potential in delivering superior post-operative recovery and functional outcomes.

Here’s a Q&A session where I elucidate the nuances of the SPAIRE Hip Replacement technique:

Q1: What sets the SPAIRE Hip Replacement technique apart from traditional hip replacements?

A1: The SPAIRE technique utilises a muscle-sparing mini-posterior approach, which is adept at minimising tendon and muscle damage surrounding the hip joint. By only targeting the obturator externus tendon for division and subsequent repair, while preserving other vital tendons and muscles, this approach significantly accelerates the post-operative recovery process, promoting a quicker return to mobility.

Q2: How does the SPAIRE technique contribute to improved functional outcomes?

A2: The hallmark of the SPAIRE technique is its dedication to maintaining the natural anatomy and biomechanics of the hip. Patients are encouraged to exercise their hip through a full range of motion immediately post-surgery due to the impressive on-table stability provided by this technique. Ongoing randomised prospective studies further attest to the enhanced level of function and mobility offered by the SPAIRE technique.

Q3: What are the post-operative restrictions with the SPAIRE technique?

A3: Impressively, the SPAIRE technique imposes no post-operative restrictions, a feature that significantly speeds up the rehabilitation process and facilitates a rapid return to normal functionality. This patient-centric approach underscores the technique's superiority in ensuring a smooth post-operative recovery.

Q4: Why choose me, Prof. Paul Lee, for a SPAIRE Hip Replacement?

A4: My extensive expertise in orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine, coupled with an innovative mindset, sets a high standard in the field. Every surgery I perform is carried out by myself personally; I do not employ subcontractors or junior doctors for any procedure. Our highly specific protocol, honed over time, ensures patients go home within 23 hours post-operation, showcasing the remarkable recovery rates. Additionally, the meticulous attention to detail, including the use of top-tier equipment and implants, accentuates the quality of care received.

Q5: Can you elaborate on the philosophy and structure of your surgical team?

A5: Absolutely. Our ethos is hinged on delivering quality over quantity. We have a select team dedicated to providing tailored support to each patient, as opposed to performing a high volume of surgeries. This meticulous approach significantly contributes to the success and satisfaction rate among our patients. We also uphold a transparent pricing structure with one fixed charge covering the entire operation and all subsequent follow-up visits, reinforcing our collaborative philosophy of shared success with our patients.

Q6: What type of implants and surgical instruments do you use in SPAIRE Hip Replacement procedures?

A6: In our pursuit of delivering superior surgical outcomes, we leverage modern implants and surgical instruments, veering away from the more traditional 'older' implants designed over 20 years ago. The contemporary implants and instruments are crafted employing the latest advancements in medical engineering, ensuring optimal compatibility, durability, and functionality. This modern approach significantly augments the effectiveness and longevity of the SPAIRE Hip Replacement procedure, consequently enhancing the quality of life for our patients post-surgery.

Take Your First Step Towards a Pain-Free Life:

Considering a hip replacement? Explore the SPAIRE Hip Replacement technique with me, Prof. Paul Lee, and take a substantial step towards reclaiming a life free of hip pain. Discover more by visiting MSK Doctors.

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