Is TWIS-TKR Right for Me? Custom Rotational Alignment in Advanced Knee Replacement

Is TWIS-TKR Right for Me? Custom Rotational Alignment in Advanced Knee Replacement

TWIS-TKR: A Personalised Approach to Knee Replacement

TWIS-TKR, or Twisting Knee Replacement, represents a breakthrough in knee arthroplasty, prioritising custom rotational alignment for each patient. This advanced system adapts to the unique anatomy and biomechanics of each individual's knee, ensuring an implant that functions naturally and efficiently.

Discover how TWIS-TKR can transform your knee surgery experience. 

The Importance of Custom Rotational Alignment in TWIS-TKR

Custom rotational alignment is the cornerstone of the TWIS-TKR approach. Unlike traditional knee replacements, TWIS-TKR assesses each patient's specific knee mechanics to ensure the implant aligns perfectly with their natural knee movement. This precision offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Knee Function: Aligning the implant with your natural knee mechanics for improved comfort and mobility.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: Precise alignment leads to less stress on the implant, extending its longevity.
  • Faster and Smoother Recovery: A knee replacement that mimics your natural knee can result in a quicker return to daily activities.

Experience a knee replacement tailored to your body with TWIS-TKR. Contact Prof Lee  for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Right Candidate for TWIS-TKR?

Individuals experiencing knee pain or dysfunction due to conditions like osteoarthritis, and who seek a customised, biomechanically aligned knee replacement, are ideal candidates for TWIS-TKR.

How is TWIS-TKR Different from Standard Knee Replacements?

TWIS-TKR stands apart with its emphasis on custom rotational alignment, ensuring the implant matches each patient's unique knee mechanics, unlike the more generic approach in standard knee replacements.

What are the Key Benefits of Custom Rotational Alignment? 

Custom rotational alignment in TWIS-TKR offers a more natural knee function, reduced risk of implant wear and tear, and potentially quicker and smoother recovery.

Is the TWIS-TKR Procedure More Complex?

While TWIS-TKR involves advanced planning and precision, the surgical procedure is streamlined for efficiency, ensuring the best outcomes without added complexity.

Can TWIS-TKR Help with Specific Knee Conditions?

Yes, TWIS-TKR is designed to address various knee conditions where replacement is necessary, providing a personalised solution that takes into account each patient's specific knee structure and needs.


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