What should you be aware of when choosing PRP?MSK Pro PRP


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) promises enhanced recovery from injuries. Choosing the right type of PRP should be down to the doctor – not the patient. It is unfair to ask patients to be informed about the different types of PRP available, as it takes specialist knowledge and training to decide which PRP is the best for the condition they have. We don’t ask our patients to google and choose their own antibiotics, so it shouldn’t be different when choosing the right PRP.


That being said, in MSK Doctors, we would suggest if, at all possible, a close PRP system should be used to reduce the chance for infection. Currently, we are using the 4th generation PRP system – its results are much more reproducible.

Finally, a top tip. We would recommend reducing training and activities for at least 3-6 weeks following injections and avoid using anti-inflammatory drugs, as swelling is essential to the repair process.

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