Upper Limbs Injury Clinic

Upper Limbs Injury Clinic

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Shoulder injuries commonly sustained are fractures of the proximal humerus and dislocations. Our expert team can guide and advise you on what the best treatment options for your optimal recovery might be.  Our team uses the best available research evidence to guide all decision making.

Please note if you think you may have suffered a dislocation of a joint this is an orthopaedic emergency and you should be seen at the nearest appropriate A&E facility immediately. This is because if the joint is dislocated it needs to be put back in as soon as possible, ideally within 6 hours of the time of injury to minimise the risk of permanent damage to the nerves and vessels around the joint.

Dislocated Shoulder
collar bone

Collar Bone

Fractures of the collar bone are extremely common and most will go on to unite without any surgical treatment. We have access to cutting edge treatments that are recognised by the NHS but are not easily accessible to enhance the biology of a fracture to stimulate healing. Our experts can advise on whether this might be helpful in your own case. But for some patients, waiting for a fracture to heal is not right for them and we can also advise on whether surgery might be the better option.

We also specialise in dealing with non-unions of these bones, so if you have broken your collar bone and it has not healed before we may be able to help.


Elbow injuries are very common and most of them don’t need surgical treatment. Elbow dislocations are second only to shoulders in terms of their frequency. Most don’t need surgical intervention but there a few that do. However, elbows have a tendency to stiffen up rapidly if they are not mobilised straight away. Our expert team of consultants work closely with our specialist rehabilitation team and can help you to maximise the recovery you can make by doing the right things straight away.


Wrist and Fingers

Wrist injuries are very common and fracture of the distal radius are especially common. Many of these will heal well without surgery, however for some patients surgery is advisable. Our team can also advise you of the best rehabilitation options to get you back to being you.

Finger fractures are the most common fracture that present to accident and emergency departments and our expert team can advise on the best treatment options and whether or not further interventions are needed.

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