Lower Limbs Injury Clinic

Lower Limbs Injury Clinic

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Lower Limb Clinic

As might be expected, most lower limb injuries mean that you can’t weight bear, so most of these will be seen in an A&E department initially as you may need an ambulance to get you there. We can help with your recovery from these injuries and advise on the treatment options available.

Runner Injury
groin strain


Most hip fractures are treated as emergencies and require admission to hospital for prompt treatment and fixation of the fracture where possible or replacement. Our expert team can help with recovery following one of these potentially life changing injuries to give you the best chance of getting back to doing the things you enjoy.


Knee cap dislocations are common and are usually treated with specialist rehabilitation programmes. Our team of experts can advise.

Ligament injuries of the knee are common. Our expert team have access to rapid diagnostic techniques, both radiological and surgical, to allow them to assess the knee and to help plan the best course of treatment for you.

Achilles tendon rupture


Instability after turning your ankle over, leading to a sprain is common. There are a number of techniques that can be used to speed the process of recovery for these injuries. Our expert team can advise.

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