Common Questions on Biological Treatment

Common Questions on Biological Treatment

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Bone Marrow therapy

It is a great source for cells and there are many ways to obtain and process the bone marrow. It is a very powerful technique in treating fractures and may be useful in some specific conditions when treating cartilage issues.

Can I have Stem Cell treatment for my Arthritis?

No, Stem Cell Treatment is not available to treat arthritis. However, there are different kinds of Cells and biological treatments that are very powerful depending on the severity of your condition.

Can you regrow my Knees?

This is a very interesting discussion. Although it is possible to ‘regrow’ or repair parts of the joint depending on the condition and the damage, to regrow the entire knee is not possible. There are many biological options available and we are always pushing boundaries, it is important to talk to the right person with appropriate understanding and depth of knowledge of these type of treatments.


Is Bone marrow a stem cell?

Strictly speaking, bone marrow contains stem cells, however it is in the tiniest amount. If you imagine, a coffee cup full of bone marrow there may be 5 Stem cells at best.

Is Lipogems a stem cell treatment? It can turn to cartilage, right?

No, absolutely not. Lipogems is not a stem cell treatment and it will not turn into cartilage. However, it is a biologically active treatment and is very powerful if used appropriately for the right reasons. There are great clinical results for relieving pain and improved function.

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