Cartilage Regeneration

Cartilage Regeneration

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Cartilage Regeneration Clinic

Scientists around the World have been working on the treatment of joint pain and there are many approved substances designed specifically for joint injections. Each person’s needs should be taken into account with their individual circumstances and, at the same time, each joint will have a specific environment and need. At MSK Doctors, our experts will take into account all these factors and offer you the most appropriate treatment solutions.

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Cartilage Cell therapy is NOT Stem Cells

We do not offer stem cell treatments. Stem Cells are defined by the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) in a very strict criteria, and in 2020 it is still in the experimental stage.

Cartilage Cell Regeneration therapy has a long clinical history and is approved by governing bodies such as FDA and is recommending by NICE. The MSK Doctors Cartilage Regeneration Clinic is Led by Prof Paul Lee, we are recognised as a teaching centre of excellence by the International Cartilage Regeneration Society (ICRS).


Prof Lee trained under the pioneer of Cartilage Cell therapy, the late Professor James Richardson, who was involved in autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) and adult stem cell clinical research. (ASCOT and ACTIVE trial)

Applying cutting edge medical engineering and cell therapy techniques, MSK Doctors can offer S.T.A.C.i. a Single Stage cartilage regenerative solution to treat large cartilage defects.

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Biological scaffold

Cell therapy is powerful, and the procedure is usually reserved for large lesions. For small sized cartilage damage, biological scaffold is a very good option. This technique can be performed under keyhole surgery, hence recovery and rehab are often shorter.

Fat Cell Therapy

There are different types of fat divided cell treatments for cartilage issues; this group of treatments are not classed as Stem cell treatments but are useful for pain control. Although some good clinical results have been reported, we still do not fully understand how they work.

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Bone Marrow therapy

It is a great source for cells and there are many ways to obtain and process the bone marrow. It is a very powerful technique in treating fractures and may be useful in some specific conditions when treating cartilage issues.

Biological treatment

There are many biological options available, but they are not the same. It is important to ask and understand the science behind each treatment option. This type of treatment is not for everyone and certainly are not something that can be learned quickly. Our clinical lead is an orthopaedic surgeon with formal PhD doctoral training in Medical Engineering and fellowship training in cartilage cell therapy. MSK Doctors embraces the shared decision making model and full consent process. Our experts are happy to discuss and explain the logic, suitability, pros and cons of biological treatment options with you.


No, Stem Cell Treatment is not available to treat arthritis. However, there are different kinds of Cells and biological treatments that are very powerful depending on the severity of your condition.

This is a very interesting discussion. Although it is possible to ‘regrow’ or repair parts of the joint depending on the condition and the damage, to regrow the entire knee is not possible. There are many biological options available and we are always pushing boundaries, it is important to talk to the right person with appropriate understanding and depth of knowledge of these type of treatments.

Strictly speaking, bone marrow contains stem cells, however it is in the tiniest amount. If you imagine, a coffee cup full of bone marrow there may be 5 Stem cells at best.

No, absolutely not. Lipogems is not a stem cell treatment and it will not turn into cartilage. However, it is a biologically active treatment and is very powerful if used appropriately for the right reasons. There are great clinical results for relieving pain and improved function.

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