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MSK doctors specialised in both the non-surgical and surgical management of the knee. We embrace highly effective one stop outpatient treatments without the need for a general anaesthetic and an inpatient hospital stay. Prof. Lee can offer effective solutions in the treatment of knee pain and deliver cutting edge medical therapy options to patients in an outpatient setting. The aim is to help you delay and avoid knee replacement surgery as much as possible.

Prof. Lee has published a recent update on ``Non-surgical and Non-pharmacological Treatment of Knee Pain” and ``Modern Non-Pharmacological and Non-Surgical Treatments for Hip Pain” and was invited by the biological knee society to author the Latest Non-surgical treatments section for the society. Prof. Lee has a wide breadth of knowledge in supplements, bracing and injection therapy to treat arthritis, which can give his patients more options instead of knee replacement.

One of the newest treatments available is Lipogems injections. Lipogems therapy harnesses the bodies natural ability to self heal and aids in easing pain in ligaments, joints and muscles. Lipogems treatment is completed in three stages. First fat cells are harvested from the hip/abdomen area. Second the regenerative cells are separated from fat tissue. Finally, the cells are injected into the damaged/painful area under ultrasound guidance. This boosts the cells presence in that area aiding recovery.

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