Lower Limbs

Lower Limbs

MSK Doctors – Bone, Joints & Cartilage Experts

When you have surgery with us we believe in providing a complete package, therefore your fee includes the following:

  • Pre-operative support and advice by our dedicated team
  • Pre-operative strength and conditioning and post-operative rehabilitation in partnership with On-Recovery
  • Nutritional support in partnership with Actomed Regenerative Science
  • Post-operative device rental if necessary
  • All future follow-up clinic appointments as a result of your surgery

What is not covered:

  • Further imaging following discharge from hospital
  • Any further surgery

Standard Knee Arthroscopy £4,500
Complex Knee Arthroscopy £6,000
Enhanced Recovery TLS – ACL Recon £9,500
Computer Designed 3D H.T.O £10,000

Biological Scaffold £12,000
3D Custom Total Knee Replacement £16,000
Partial Knee Replacement £16,000

Cell Therapy – Biological Knee Surgery £18,000
Biological Meniscus Transplant £20,000

S.P.A.I.R.E. Total Hip Replacement £16,000

Hip Tendon Reconstruction £8,000

Achilles Tendon Repair £4,500

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