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Mr. Abhi Gulihar

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon , Consultant Sports Surgeon , Consultant MSK Regenrative Surgeon
Shoulder, Elbow, Hand and Wrist, General MSK/Sports/Ortho, Sports Medicine, Fracture
Locations: London, Accepts Online Consultation
Doctor Registration Number: 6049892
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Mr. Abhi Gulihar is a distinguished orthopaedic and trauma surgeon with specialized expertise in shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand surgery. Renowned for his proficiency in minimally invasive keyhole procedures for the shoulder and elbow, as well as shoulder replacement surgery, he also excels in managing sports injuries, encompassing fractures and ligament disruptions. Committed to the application of the latest evidence-based treatments, Mr. Gulihar prioritizes cutting-edge practices to ensure optimal outcomes for his patients.

Having completed his specialist orthopaedic training in the East Midlands and Kent, Surrey, and Sussex, Mr. Gulihar further honed his skills through a prestigious fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery at the South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre and the European Arthroscopy Fellowship. Continuously seeking knowledge, he has engaged with experts in shoulder and elbow surgery across Europe and the USA, staying abreast of the field's latest advances. Currently, Mr. Gulihar actively manages a diverse caseload at the Kings College Hospital NHS trust, addressing both routine and complex upper limb conditions and injuries. Additionally, he conducts patient consultations and performs surgeries at esteemed private hospitals in London and Kent.

Emphasizing a conservative approach, Mr. Gulihar believes in non-surgical management for a significant proportion of upper limb injuries. However, surgical intervention is recommended for specific conditions and injuries, facilitating early mobilization and expediting the return to work or sports, while mitigating long-term issues such as arthritis or limited function. Noteworthy conditions requiring surgery include displaced fractures of the clavicle, collarbone, wrist (distal radius/scaphoid), and hand (metacarpals). Among soft tissue injuries, severe acromio-clavicular joint dislocations, biceps tendon ruptures, Pectoralis major tendon ruptures, and full-thickness rotator cuff tears are frequently addressed through surgical means.

Beyond clinical practice, Mr. Gulihar is deeply committed to education and research. Serving as the departmental lead for education and training, he has implemented numerous enhancements for trauma and orthopaedic trainees. An active educator, he imparts knowledge through various training courses and has received accolades for both research and teaching. With over 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations at esteemed national and international conferences, Mr. Gulihar has earned two research degrees—a Masters in Orthopaedic Engineering and an MD in joint cartilage research from the University of Leicester.