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Please contact our team to book an appointment at our 6 locations. Hayley, Mel and Michael will be able to help. Please send us an email if our phone line is busy, we will get back to you within 24 hours. We also have a dedicated line for Harley Street patients.

Main telephone : 02032 398823

Harley Street : 0207 563 1234

Head Office : 01400 670 985

Prof Paul Lee – MSK Doctors


There are 6 locations to choose from
    • London – Harley Street 108
    • Ancaster Surgery 
    • Leicester – Nuffield
    • Lincoln – BMI
    • Nottingham – BMI
    • Peterborough – Ramsay
Ancaster Surgery, Grantham - NG32 3PP

MSK doctors hold Thursday afternoon clinics in Ancaster Surgery.

      Ancaster Surgery,

      12 Ermine Street,



      NG32 3PP

    Harley Street, London - W1G 7ET

    MSK doctors hold Wednesday & Friday afternoon clinics in 108 Harley Street.

    108 Harley Street



    W1G 7ET

    Nottingham, BMI - NG5 8RX

    MSK doctors clinics in the Park BMI hospital.

    Sherwood Lodge Drive

    Burntstump Country Park


    NG5 8RX

    Leicester, Nuffiled - LE5 1HY

    MSK doctors hold  clinics in Leicester Nuffiled Hospital.

    Scraptoft Lane,


    LE5 1HY


    Lincoln, BMI - LN2 1QU

    MSK doctors hold Monday clinics in Lincoln BMI Hospital.


      • BMI The Lincoln Hospital

        Nettleham Toad,


        LN2 1QU

      Peterborough, Ramsay - PE3 9AQ

      MSK doctors hold clinics in Fitzwilliam Hospital.

      Fitzwilliam Hospital


      Milton Way,

      South Bretton,



      PE3 9AQ

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      General Info

      02032 398823

      Main line

      02075 631234

      Harley Street

      01400 670 985

      Head office

      Medical Legal work 

      MSK doctors undertakes a full range of expert advice from second opinions to formal medico-legal reports including Medical Negligence, Personal Injury and Causation and Prognosis Reports. MSK doctors has been instructed by both claimant and defendant solicitors and works with all major legal companies.

      We are able to offer opinions on all field of trauma, orthopaedics and sports medicine.

      Better Health Care is Our Mission

      Flexible appointments, 6 locations, cutting edge medical care in musculoskeletal medicine

      02032 398823

      Main Line

      02075 631234

      Harley Street, London

      01400 670 985

      Head Office

      London Harley Street | Ancaster | Lincoln | Nottingham | Leicester | Peterborough