ACL Reconstruction

ACL Reconstruction

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Minimally Invasive, Faster Recovery

The standard approach to ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery in the UK involves significant disruption and damage to the knee and a long period of rehabilitation.

Prof Paul Lee at MSK Doctors offers advanced surgery where he approaches the operation in a completely different way. Having learned from some of the top surgeons all around the world Professor Lee’s approach significantly reduces recovery time, increases strength for return to pre-injury activity and reduces chances of re-injury.

Professor Lee uses a new pioneering ACL Reconstruction technique, not commonly used in the UK. This new procedure has been developed over the last 13 years in France and uses cutting edge technology to help overcome the common issues that have been present in tradional ACL surgery, specifically issues around small grafts.

Traditional ACL Surgery

2 Hamstring Harvest

2 Tendons are taken from the hamstring. One is taken from the Gracilis Muscle which becomes damaged. This means that knee stability is reduced and recovery takes longer

Extensive use of mechanical drills

Creating post-operative bone and tendon trauma causing more pain with the result of slow return to mobilisation

Outside in access

This procedure lengthens recovery time significantly as the grafting of the tendon onto the bone takes a long time

Lower Fixation strength of 900N

Increasing risk of re-injury and potential limitation of activity

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Single Hamstring Harvest

Less harm to supporting Gracilis muscle allowing for stronger stability in recovery

Pre-stretched Single Hamstring

Biomechanically stronger tendon resulting in a faster return to pre-operative levels of activity

Superior Hand-Reamers Fixation

Reduction in post-operative trauma to the bone allowing for early mobilisation and recovery

Press-fit Aperture Fixation

Tendon grafts to bone quicker which means recovery time is significantly reduced

Strong Fixation of 1500N

Ensures a much higher success rate and reduced risk of re-injury

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