MSK Doctors Excellence Awards

The MSK Doctors Excellence Awards, recognised the top doctors in the field of musculoskeletal medicine, aim to celebrate healthcare providers who have demonstrated exceptional skills and innovation. With a focus on various sub-specialties within musculoskeletal medicine and surgery.
Why These Awards Matter
In an ever-evolving medical landscape, acknowledging those who set benchmarks in clinical expertise, patient care, and ground-breaking research is essential. Our MSK Excellence Awards aim to highlight these healthcare pioneers, offering them the acknowledgment they richly deserve whilst inspiring a new generation of doctors.
Award Categories
Knee Doctor of the Year
Celebrating physicians who have excelled in knee treatments and surgeries, significantly improving patient outcomes.
Hip Doctor of the Year
Honouring exceptional contributions to the field of hip surgery, therapy, and research.
Shoulder Doctor of the Year
Acknowledging experts who have made significant advancements in the area of shoulder surgeries, treatments, and rehabilitation.
Foot and Ankle Doctor of the Year
Recognising those who have exhibited mastery in foot and ankle care, from surgical interventions to conservative treatments.
Sports Medicine Doctor of the Year
Celebrating the physicians making headway in the sports medicine field, whether through advanced treatments or research.
Hand Doctor of the Year
Honouring the medical professionals dedicated to treating hand and wrist conditions, utilising both surgical and non-surgical methods.
Medical-Legal Doctor of the Year
Acknowledging doctors who have demonstrated excellence in providing medical-legal advice, expert testimony, and case evaluations in musculoskeletal medicine.
MSK Regeneration Doctor of the Year
Celebrating pioneers in the field of regenerative medicine who are contributing to joint preservation and cartilage repair.
Trauma Doctor of the Year
Recognising doctors who specialise in the care of musculoskeletal trauma injuries and are dedicated to improving emergency care protocols.
MSK Radiologist of the Year
Honouring radiologists who have significantly advanced diagnostic techniques for musculoskeletal conditions, thereby aiding effective treatments.
Criteria for Nomination
Nominations are evaluated based on a multi-dimensional set of criteria, which includes:
Clinical Excellence: Mastery in diagnosis, treatment, and patient care.
Innovation: Incorporation of cutting-edge techniques or technologies in practice.
Research Contributions: Substantial contributions to scientific research.
Patient Satisfaction: Focus on enhancing patient experience and outcomes.
Patient Education: Commitment to patient empowerment and education.
How to Nominate
Open nominations are welcomed and may be submitted by peers, patients, or may even be self-nominated. Here are the steps to nominate an outstanding MSK doctor:
Submission Period
Nominations will be accepted from the 1st of September to the 1st of December each year, up to 12:01 GMT.
Complete the Online Form
The full application from will be sent to you via email so that you can provide all necessary evidence to support your nomination, such as clinical excellence, patient satisfaction scores, or notable achievements in the field.
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