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Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS)

We would like you to complete a set of questionnaires. It will help us to better understand your current condition and plan for the best treatment options. Once you have answered all the questions, we will be able to convert that into a score, which will help us to monitor your progress during treatment.
Please answer all the questions, any questions missed will affect your score. Some of the questions may not apply directly to you but please try your very best to make an estimate.

What is P.R.O.M.s.?

P.R.O.M.s. are standardized, validated questionnaires that are completed by patients during the perioperative period to ascertain perceptions of their health status, perceived level of impairment, disability, and health-related quality of life. They allow the efficacy of a clinical intervention to be measured from the patients’ perspective. Questionnaires are given to patients both pre and post operatively to allow comparison of outcomes pre and post procedure. In addition to outcomes relating to interventions, PROMs measure patients’ perceptions of their general health or their health in relation to a specific disease. PROMs are a means of measuring clinical effectiveness and safety.

Joint Replacement

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