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Surgery is a powerful and effective way in the treamtent of arthritis and sports injuries. There are many sugical options and implants available, it is important to pick your surgeon wisely. At MSK Doctors, our surgeons have published papers regarding their techniques and results in over 40 medical journals. more  MSK Doctors are proud to offer advanced evdience based sugical techniques to patients. 



Knee - “non crushing” total knee replacement more

Hip - Personalised Total Hip Replacement with tendon sparing technique more


Soft tissue options:

ACL - Tendon and bone preserving "all-inside” ACL reconstruction more

Meniscus Repair - Biologically Augmented  

Cartilage Repair - Biologically Augmented  

Patella - "FT-MPFL" tendon sparing Patella re-alignment surgery

Non muscle crushing key hole surgery for knee - more

Biological options:

Biological Knee Replacement - LEO Princple of Regeneration Medicine

Meniscus Transplant 

Tibial osteotomy - iBalance

Cartilage Regeneration with collagen support

Femoral osteotomy - DFO

LEO regeneration cell thearpy 

Bone regenation personalised Hip and knee replacement 

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