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Soft tissue injuries most frequently occur as a result of trauma and accidents involving sporting activity; this will increase your chance (3-fold) of developing OA.  Soft tissue injuries are often difficult to identify; specialist examination and knowledge is required to diagnose and treat such conditions. Without specific training, some of these conditions are commonly missed and patients will continue to suffer. Mr Lee is fellowship trained in the treatment of soft tissue and sports injuries, his expertise is recognised and certified by the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine.  After 6 years of research, Mr Lee was awarded doctor in philosophy (PhD) for his dissertation on “soft tissue injuries”. He has applied his research to clinical use having treated UK Premiership footballers for sports injuries which significantly reduced their time for recovery and return to play. (Actovegin) He has treated soft tissue and sports injuries in high-level athletes and has been offering soft tissue injury consultations, treatment, surgery and lectures to elite sports teams since 2010.

MPFL Reconstruction:

Patella dislocaiton is very common, it is very painful and leads to cartilage damage and the development of osteoarthritis.  The medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) has been shown to be the primary ligament responsible for preventing lateral dislocation and subluxation within the patellofemoral joint, accounting for between 50-60% of tthe otal restraining force between 0 and 30 degrees of knee flexion. It is commonly injured as a result of acute traumatic patellar dislocation. Mr Lee has described and published results on FT-MPFL reconsturction; tendon harvesting has become unnecessary with this inovatvie technique. It reduces the possibly of scaring and complications. read more

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ACL injury

All in side ACL surgery is a minimally invasive tendon preserving ACL reconstruction technique offered by MSK doctors (Prof Paul Lee). With advanced fellowship surgical training with this innovative technique, Prof. Lee has further refine and develop this technique, publishing the results and advanced technique articles on the all-in-side ACL reconstruction.  read more

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Actovegin injection therapy is a very useful treatment for muscle injuries. Prof. Lee has successfully treated UK Premiership footballers with Actovegin to significantly reduce their time for recovery and return to play. Our experience and results with actovegin injection therapy are widely published in the medical literature. Due to the extensive understanding and research performed by Prof. Lee, he is regarded as a leading international expert on Actovegin therapy. read more

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T.E.C.A.R. therapy applies a biocompatible energy that helps to realign the cells electrically which can increase the cellular metabolic process as well as improving soft tissue compliance. By stimulating the energy within biological tissues at the correct frequency, it alters cellular regeneration, repair and inflammatory processes. This innovative therapy is pioneered by MSK doctors. find out more

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