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Many clinics offer joint injections; depending on the funding and the expertise of the practitioner, results vary. In the public sector, local anaesthetic and steroid mixtures are the commonest substances used for joint injections. Although the toxic effects of this combination of drugs are well known and published in the scientific literature, it is still the treatment of choice in the public sector based purely on cost. Most practitioners will take the one size fits all attitude of ‘we have always done it that way’ when it comes to MSK injections. High concentrations of local anaesthetic and steroid are toxic to cartilage cells (chondrocytes), in fact, it is the substance that the scientists use in the lab if they want to kill these cells. It makes little sense to inject such a high concentration of toxic substances to an enclosed environment such as the knee joint. Perhaps the objective is to ‘kill’ the cells and nerve endings so it will not be painful anymore.


Scientists around the World have been working on the treatment of joint pain and there are many approved substances designed specifically for joint injections. Each person’s needs should be taken into account with their individual circumstances and at the same time each joint will have a specific environment and need. At MSK Doctors, our experts will take into account all these factors and offer you the most appropriate treatment solutions. 

Steroid treatment

Human Cartilage exposed to Steroid 

Green indicates viable cells after 36 hours   

Red indicates cell death after 36 hours  


Human Cartilage exposed to regenerative injection

Green indicates viable cells after 36 hours   

Red indicates cell death after 36 hours  

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Mesenchymal Cells

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Mesenchymal Cell Therapy offers great regeneration options in medicine; it offers a second chance for the musculoskeletal system to develop into bone, muscle and cartilage. With cutting edge technology in Sports Medicine and advanced techniques in Orthropaedics, MSK Doctors are able to offer this highly customised therapy option to patients. Mr Paul Lee has extensive experience and knowledge with cell based therapy and with fellowship training in the Arthritis Research UK Tissue Engineering Centre in Oswestry, Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital. We published our results and research in peer reviewed medical journals. 

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Stem cell for Cartilage :

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