Specialised in the treatment of Musculoskeletal conditions

Management of Sports injuries and Arthritis 

Regeneration Medicine and injection therapy specialist 

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MSK Doctors have travelled the World to learn highly advanced treatment techniques from centres of excellence. We offer highly effective treatment options that may not be available in the public healthcare system. Being dual qualified and experienced in Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Surgery, we can access resources and treatments which are only available to the top 1% of the super elite. about us

We offers TECARStem Cells injections, ACL surgerymedical grade bracing, Stem Cell Surgery 

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Non surgical techniques offered by MSK Doctors:

·      Stem cells therapy

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·      Specialist Bracing

·      Advanced Injection therapy for Osteoarthritis 

·      Lipogems

·      M.A.G.I.C. – ArthoGlycan treatment (Knee OA)

·      Actovegin – Muscle injury treatment

·      T.E.C.A.R.

Hip Replacement MSK doctor     Knee Replacement MSK doctors     Soft tissue injuries ACL doctors

Advanced surgical techniques offered by MSK Doctors:

·      Personalised Enchanced Recovery Total Knee and Hip Replacement 

·      S.P.A.I.R.E. – Tendon sparing Total Hip Replacement

·      FT-MPFL – Tendon sparing Patella re-alignment surgery

·      ps-HTO – patient specific High tibial osteotomy

·      ACL reconstruction surgeryTendon sparing All in side

·      ACI, MACI, AMIC - regeneration stem cell surgery

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Phone : 02032398823

Email : team@mskdoctors.com

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